An open group of people who put on DIY, non profit events and gigs in London.





22nd JULY

Doors at 8pm


Hug Roux Law

Hug Roux Law play flower child hunters in an installed botanical scenography, presenting the aesthetic punk of the anthropocene as au-natural and obscure. Performances feature plants, drums, saws, diy sythnesised instruments, costume, and spoken word.

Thom Walker

Thom performs his songs, poetry and writings in a vein that evokes a coal fire of The Saire (a pub in west Yorkshire) burning peat gathered from the football pitch of Hackney Downs. His songs are performed A Cappella or with minimal but discerning piano/computer accompaniment creating something that sits in that lumpy space between his namesake Scott Walker and Meatloaf.

moribund FILMS / Tim Birtwistle

Angered by many things moribund FILMS make films that look at the detail of this anger through vague narratives but strong methodologies creating part fiction part documentary videos. On the 22nd moribund FILMS will be looking at a future world where plants have abandoned humans leaving them with only oxygen: it’ll be a performance of films, footage and photographs using live sounds, music, perhaps some singing and noise in it’s most liberal of meaning.




FRIDAY 11th Dec
T- Chances, N17
Doors 7:30pm

For the first time in a really long time OMYWSSYL is putting on an event, this time a gig. Its going to be a really excellent gig at the fucking brilliant T Chances in Tottenham. Check out details of people playing below:


Glass Nest
Berlin derived Glass Nest has spent the last year developing hybrid sound generators based around water, steam and other H2O orientated chemicals. Having worked in many collaborations including German scientist, Analytical Engine and Italian noise legend DFVOKKLL, Glass Nest’s current show revolves around a sculptural set up of water pumps, IV bags, ice cubes, guitar pick ups and contact mics to develop natural and ambient sounds into distorted synthetic drone tunes, walls of noise and back again… and back again.


20 Three
Comprised of KAYAKA and LARRY FOSTER this collaboration dances with Audio Language, Musical Theatre and something very visual. Kayaka is an experimental/ noise/ electronica composer and live performer who’s shows are often collaborative “instant compositions” integrating her self-taught classical style with noise, found sound and what the collaborator brings… If the below video is something to go by Larry Foster’s approach to making is hybrid and emulatory. “He has a modular synth” and whether he uses it or not in this show 20 Three promises an exciting interconnection of electronic and acoustic sounds with fantasy and film.


Brthlns Glnds
Currently residing in Newcastle Upon Tyne Brthlns Glnds uses a variety of hacked and manipulated items ranging from toys to CD players to what one observer described as “a peculiar quadrilateral”. Brthlns Glnds’ sets are a ride through clocking beats, hash noise, distorted vocals and visual intrigue drawing you into the selected sound creators whilst simultaneously dislodging your comfortable audio receptors to the point of asking yourself, “was that Aaliyah?”


Ben Moon
Ben Moon has worked under many guises with many people including recent visual performances with Moon Zero and being one half of Forest Creature. For this night Ben will be manipulating, and experimenting with, his favourite projector whilst simultaneously generating live noise and sound through his experienced and wisened fingers.


Find it on facebook too:


One Minute You Win, Sixty Seconds You Loose (OMYW,SSYL)
1 Minute Film Festival & Film Screenings

This is a monthly film night/festival with 2 intentions. 1 intention is to provide a place to watch a variety of films suggested by people who come to the film night. The 2nd intention is to create a mini film festival where people who do and don’t come to the film night make 1 minute films under specific guidelines. (more info here)

The hope is that we can watch a variety of good films that do not have a large promotional machine behind them and for it to be easy and relaxed. After watching the films people could talk about the films or they might just want to go home.

JOHN SMITH + One Minute Film Festival + BBQ (food)omywssyl
Sunday 27th April
6pm – 10pm
£3 (includes food)
Open School East
(43 De Beauvoir Rd)


In April we will be screening 3 short films by London film-maker John Smith. As its our our first screening at OSE we are going to have a BBQ, some beers (or juice) and music to accompany the really excellent films by John Smith. You are also keenly invited to submit a One Minute Film to the festival.

John Smith is an East London film maker, born in Walthamstow, he has lived in Dalston for over 40 years making a large number of films and istallations for cinema, TV and exhibitions. Described as subverting the boundary between documentary & fiction, representation & abstraction John Smith’s work is purposely self reflective, constantly questioning the camera he is using, what he’s looking at and how hes narrating. Its also funny.

The Black Tower (1985-7)   24 mins. Colour. Sound. 16mm.
“In The Black Tower we enter the world of a man haunted by a tower which, he believes, is following him around London.  While the character of the central protagonist is indicated only by a narrative voice-over which takes us from unease to breakdown to mysterious death, the images, meticulously controlled and articulated, deliver a series of colour coded puzzles, jokes and puns which pull the viewer into a mind-teasing engagement.  Smith’s assurance and skill as a filmmaker undercuts the notion of the avant-garde as dry, unprofessional and dull and in The Black Tower we have an example of a film which plays with the emotions as well as the language of film.”    Nik Houghton, Independent Media.

Slow Glass (1988-91)  40 mins. Colour. Sound. 16mm.
Through a nostalgic glazier showing off his knowledge and expounding his own theories ‘Slow Glass’ uses glass-making to explore ideas about memory and change in East London life. The “immaculately shot puns”, editing and presence of the camera all highlight the format of film (and it’s own unreality) to reflect the symbolism of glass and illustrate further ideas on the change of London’s social landscape from craft based labour to the speculation of the property market.

Gargantuan (1992) 1 min, 16mm, colour, sound.
This is John Smith’s One Minute Film.



Sun 2nd Marchtimvincent
I Walked With A Zombie +
OMYW,SSYL One Minute Film Festival
Trip Space Projects, Haggerston

I Walked With A Zombie
1943 Jacques Tourneur

Out of the West Indian Island comes a tale of terror and Voodoo of Witch craft and Zombies and all the weird black magic that the white man seldom sees.
It is a tale of brother against brother and their love for a woman who lived with the dead and it is also the tale of a young nurse who never believed such things could happen.

‘Are you trying to tell me that the voodoo priest could cure Mrs Holland’
‘That I doubt’
singing – chanting
This is the ceremony of voodoo death. A ceremony that seeks the life of a woman who lives for ever who walks with the dead.

OMYW,SSYL One Minute Film Festival
This months submissions are to be made under the normal guidelines found on the festival page, however this month we are asking for films to be made with the concept of “I Walked With…”

As always films can either be uploaded via the festival page or emailed. Rest assured all films will be screened.




feat. JON JOST
& One Minute Film Festival
Doors 3.30pm, Films start 4pm
Trip Space Projects, Haggerston E8 4EA

Jon Jost
Last Chance for a Slowdance (1977) & The Bed You Sleep In (1993)

This rare screening of his work will show two films, Last Chants for a Slowdance (1977) and The Bed You Sleep In (1993). The first of these charts the road trip of an unemployed misanthrope, through a sun bleached Midwest. In this road trip, we see a harsh, alienated and nihilistic world – the underside of the American dream. The Bed you Sleep in (1993) is a portrait of a family tragedy set in small town Oregon. Again Jost skews the narrative film form, subtly derailing the conventions of both experimental and mainstream film.

Despite having one of the most varied and original bodies of work in contemporary US cinema, Jon Jost is largely unknown outside his native country. His output, truly independent and uncompromising, consists of documentaries, shorts and feature length films which refuse to acknowledge the separation between politics and aesthetics. Working with extremely small budgets, Jost writes, directs, edits and produces his films. Sometimes he writes and performs the soundtracks.